Lock Up Your Laptop

The portability of a laptop may be its greatest asset, but it is also becoming a great liability. With laptop theft on the rise, be sure your personal and business documents are protected. Take these precautions, especially when taking your laptop on the road.

Cable it. Security cables for laptops can be purchased for under $50.00—a worthwhile investment for protecting your hardware and ensuring your personal information does not wind up in the wrong hands.

Password-protect your laptop, or any other computer you work on. Logging off your laptop provides more security than simply shutting it down, and a secure password makes it more difficult for thieves to access your, and your company’s, confidential information. You can also set your computer to go into sleep mode when not in use and to ask for a password upon resuming use.

Be aware of who’s around you. Whether you’re in a café sipping tea in London or a latte in New York, be aware of the people around you. Others might easily view your screen display—including your security login and passwords. Purchase an inexpensive privacy screen that allows only you, and not passersby, to view your display.

Encrypt your data. There are programs available that encrypt the data in your hard drive, making it nearly impossible for others to access your information. Encryption software allows you to encrypt and password-protect more sensitive documents and email.

Install firewall software. If you plan to send email and surf the web, whether from home or on the road, install firewall protection to protect your laptop from any security breaches or virus attacks. Use the hardware and software necessary to keep your information safe if you plan to go wireless in your company, your home, or on the road.

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