Show Me!

If you want your employee to handle responsibilities as well as you do, demonstrate the way the job is to be done, and then say these “magic” words.

If you have hired a new employee and want them to perform at a high level, you must clearly outline your expectations and provide whatever training is necessary to get the employee up to speed on your business. A simple training technique you can use is “Show Me.” Whether you are training an employee to send out a press release, handle sales transactions, enter new customers in your database, field an incoming call, or input invoices, following a few simple steps can get them accustomed to the way you do business, help them to hit the ground running, and avoid using your customers as “guinea pigs.”

First, you or someone you have designated to train the new hire should demonstrate how to perform the task of, for example, filling out a sales slip. As you are performing the task, describe carefully and in detail what you are doing. Next have the employee fill out the sales slip as you walk him or her through the process. After this step has been done to your satisfaction, say “show me.” Have your employee do the task alone and then review the outcome. Once the employee has demonstrated the ability to perform, you can be assured that she or he is well on the way to representing your business well to your customers.

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