To Gain Better Control, Learn to Get Go

Every business can benefit from a leader’s laser focus and passionate attention to detail. However, when passion turns to obsession, productivity and morale are at risk.

Passion or micro-management?
When owners can’t let go, companies fail to grow. Opportunities stall at the feet of an owner who insists on knowing every trivial thing, attending every routine meeting, meddling in the everyday tasks of competent staff, calling each and every shot. If you want your business to expand, you need to curb the urge to micro-manage.

You are not a super hero, and you cannot do it all.
Trying to do it all can be a recipe for failure. Taking everything upon yourself could eventually lead to an inability to meet a customer’s needs and frustrate capable employees who are eager to expand their skills and grow with your business. Learning to delegate, train, and trust key employees will ensure that you keep valued customers and retain qualified employees.

A desire for perfection can be trouble.
Working to provide your customers with the best service or product possible makes good sense. But beware thinking that no one else can do anything as well as you, nobody cares as much about customers, no one puts in as many dedicated or productive hours. Recognize that nobody, including you, is perfect. You need a clear assessment of your own strengths and weaknesses, space for contribution of good ideas, and a plan to develop additional talent to fuel growth. Some people have skills you may not have, and some of them may be your employees!

Let go in stages.
Delegate thoughtfully and incrementally. Suddenly shifting your responsibilities all at once won’t work. It should be done gradually, so both you and your employees can grow into new roles. Your employees will better represent you if you train them gradually and reward them with increased responsibility.

Get help from specialists.
Tapping the objective insights of outsiders can help you figure out where to hold on and where to let go. Regular meetings with an informal board of advisers can help, whether they’re paid or not. Consider working with a professional business coach or rely on close friends or associates.

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