Small Budgets, Big Results: Creative Ways to Stretch Your Marketing Dollars

Marketing and advertising activities are expensive, yet vitally necessary to your business. Too often, small business owners fear that they cannot afford to promote their businesses without busting their budgets and, consequently, fail to do anything at all. Yet, with a little creativity, you can get the word out without spending a bundle.

Support Local Sports
Sponsor a local children’s team for free advertising. In exchange for a sponsorship fee, the players will wear uniforms with your company’s name or post advertising around the field or in program books.

Sponsor a Blood Drive
You provide the space and the local Red Cross organization does the rest. In many cases, you’ll get free radio and newspaper ads.

Publicize your Staff
Most community newspapers have community bulletin-board columns in their business sections. Notify the business editor every time an employee gets a promotion or completes professional course work.

Magnetize your Brand
Are your employees making deliveries in unmarked cars? For a modest fee, you can have removable magnetic signs made. By placing the signs on the vehicles, they can become rolling billboards during the day and convert back to private cars at night.

Send a Card.
Send birthday cards, Thanksgiving cards, congratulations cards—they’re great, personal ways to let customers know you care.

Customize Cash Register Receipts
If you generate receipts for your customers, they should include more than just a transaction record. Use register receipts to tell customers about upcoming specials and, events.

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