The Holiday Party: Three Tips to Keep Your Party Festive!

A company party is a great way to show appreciation for and thanks to your employees, bring your workforce even closer together by connecting on a social level, and reinforce morale. Keep the festivities positive, light, and fun by following these three suggestions.

Lead by Example
It might be wise to follow advice given to employees about company party etiquette: don’t drink too much, don’t talk too much about yourself or about business, network, and introduce yourself to new staff members. Welcome your employees, toast to their health, and offer your praise and thanks. Keep things cordial and fun. If you want to provide a quick “snapshot” of the company’s success, be brief—nothing like a long dry speech to dampen the party spirit.

If Possible, Limit Alcohol Consumption
With an increase of alcohol comes the inevitable decrease in inhibitions that can lead to embarrassing moments, ill will, and safety issues. If you celebrate off-site, it may be difficult to regulate the amount served, but you can eliminate “open bar” or set a limit on free drinks by using drink coupons. If the party is on-site, consider the legal ramifications of providing alcohol. Don’t let the ale flow too freely, and provide an ample amount of non-alcoholic beverages. A small, but thoughtful selection of upscale wines and microbrews can be an appreciative gesture and encouragement for people to drink responsibly. An alternative might be to mix up some tasty, but non-alcoholic, concoctions. Or, host an activity-related (and alcohol-free) party—a beach or golf outing or a bowling or bocce match, for example.

You Do not Have to Spend a Fortune to have Fun
Set up a budget that you can live with once the party’s over. Whether you keep it small and simple, or lean toward a more extravagant outing, pay attention to the quality of presentation and make your employees feel welcome, appreciated, and at ease. It should never feel like an obligation to attend. Delegate party planning to Human Resource personnel or someone with a creative flair. Some companies throw themed parties to add to the excitement, but even tasteful decorations can add excitement to your function. Let that person with the knack for decorating lend a hand!

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