Our Expert Associates

Katie Sparkman

Graphic Design Team Leader
Katie Sparkman has the gift of words and imaging. She is a mistress of communication in that she's able to see graphic images unfold as she creatively describes them with words. Known for her ability to distill even the most complex of explanations, Katie can help the reader visualize concepts with both words and images.

Sarah Romero

Social Media Team Leader
Sarah Romero is a bred-in-the-bone writer, amiable communicator and voracious researcher with a penchant for social media marketing and content writing. Coupled with a razor-sharp focus on customer service that stems from a 12-year career in the hospitality and food and beverage management industries, Sarah creates content and engages with social media audiences and brand advocates.

Laura Mandzok

Digital Advertising Team Leader
Laura Mandzok is a digital and social media marketing expert with over 20 years of experience in the field, making her one of the industry's early pioneers or as she prefers, ‘adopters’. Starting her career as an editor and webmaster for a small textbook firm, Laura learned about the ‘Information Super Highway’ when she taught herself how to build a website, what it took to drive people to the website, and most importantly, what prompted them to buy from the website. Laura brings a fresh, creative approach with laser focus to the table of a digital world that can become impersonal.

Pam Scrivner

Administration and Operations Associate
Pam Scrivner provides clients with administration and human resources support. She also keeps our projects moving by setting timelines, working on details and following up with vendors. The consummate organizer, Pam ensures our i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

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